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Thanks to its high standard of technology and energy-efficient performance, the innovative Turbocor chiller is one of the industry’s major success stories.

Specifically designed for the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration industry, the award-winning Turbomiser and a number of market variants achieve the highest overall efficiency for middle-market applications.

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Turbocor Chiller


Operating principles differ significantly from conventional compression systems. The compressor’s two-stage centrifugal impeller and spindle are levitated by a magnetic powered bearing, while the motor is powered by a DC inverter and the system is controlled by a sophisticated onboard microprocessor.

Highly reliable, the Turbocor requires the relevant maintenance to keep it in peak condition, including servicing at regular intervals.

With one moving part (the shaft and related impellers), the Turbocor appears deceptively simple on a mechanical level. However, the electronics and related support system are highly sophisticated and can be described as genuine space-age technology.


Although it needs to be done less frequently than its counterparts due to enhanced reliability, servicing a Turbocor chiller is a job for the professionals.

Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of LH, points out: “The principles behind the Turbocor are completely different from conventional compression systems. It must be serviced by specialists.”

In the same way as it would be risky to use the services of an untrained mechanic to maintain an F1 racing car, it could be potentially hazardous to enlist an untrained service engineer to maintain a Turbocor – it could result in damage to the compressor, putting the chiller out of action and in need of repair.

Turbocor Chiller construction site


As the Turbocor chiller’s technology is so different from conventional compression systems, a service engineer unfamiliar with its operating principles may not have the relevant knowledge of its electronic components in particular.

It’s essential that they are protected from moisture to maintain efficient performance. Electronic maintenance must be carried out annually, according to set procedures.

The unit is equipped with a number of high-power capacitors, which are used as back-up should there be a mains power failure. Mounted on the compressor case, they will be triggered automatically if there’s a power cut, to keep the Turbocor fully operational until it can be safely brought to a controlled stop.