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Site services for comprehensive chiller and air conditioning support

To ensure air conditioning remains in tip-top working order and running costs are minimised, LH plc provides a range of high quality site services. These include:

  • Fault-finding service
  • Commissioning and de-commissioning of equipment
  • On-site compressor rebuilds

We are often asked to investigate chillers which have either failed or are operating unreliably or inefficiently.

We use the award-winning ClimaCheck performance analyser to monitor the chiller and record pressures, temperatures, currents, voltages and other relevant data. From this, our engineers can diagnose faults and bring your chiller back online and ensure it is working efficiently.

Commissioning and de-commissioning of equipment

Following the introduction of the F-Gas Regulations and other related legislation, removing air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is no longer a simple task. Refrigerant must be handled and disposed of safely as part of the de-commissioning process. Our qualified engineers are highly experienced in this work. Our expertise extends from de-commissioning of old equipment to commissioning of new plant, ensuring effective warranty cover and the implementation of preventative maintenance programmes.

On-site compressor rebuild

Sometimes a failed compressor cannot be removed from site, due to a difficult location, poor access or time constraints. In these circumstances, we can offer a full rebuild on-site. Onsite rebuilds, while not to the "full remanufacture" specification carried at the factory, are finished to a very high standard, and backed with a twelve-month warranty. The onsite rebuild process includes:

  • Compressors fully stripped down
  • Worn, damaged and defective parts replaced
  • All parts meticulously cleaned
  • If required, the crankshaft is removed to the factory for polishing/regrinding
  • New gaskets and seals fitted
  • Full OFN pressure test

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