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The Different Types of Refrigeration Compressor

Used for industrial air conditioning, heat-pumping or cooling; refrigeration compressors are large units that cool air. Screw Compressors By compressing refrigerant gas between a pair of meshing screws, they require

Safe Travel on our Railways

The railway industry has faced many challenges since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, now running at only 72% of its normal capacity, according to the Rail
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Public Transport: Why Air Con is a MUST in Winter

As a passenger on public transport, you may wonder why air conditioning is still important for winter travel. Air con is something many people associate with the often-stifling heat of
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When was Air Con First Introduced to the Underground?

We tend to take air conditioning for granted on the Underground and probably don’t give it a second thought – but back in the days before it was introduced, rail

How the Railways Supported the War

The railways played a key role during World War 2, transporting weapons, troops, ammunition and supplies such as medicines and food to the Front, and taking evacuees safely back home
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Does your Business Need Air Conditioning?

Getting air conditioning installed might not be the first thing many business owners think about, but when you consider the benefits temperature-controlling systems can bring, it certainly deserves top priority.
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Food and Drink Industry: The Importance of Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration compressors in the food and drink industry are incredibly important, as they are a key component in helping to keep food and beverages cold. The commercial refrigeration compressor market
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London: Too Hot to Handle?

London is experiencing hotter summers, according to the latest data from the Met Office. While temperatures in general are higher due to global warming, London is particularly affected as a
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Coronavirus: Air Conditioning in the London Underground

As people begin returning to work, following the relaxing of some of the COVID-19 lockdown rules, surveys show many commuters are still worried about using public transport. Even though the
The Hidden Secrets of the Royal Mail Underground

The Hidden Secrets of the Royal Mail Underground

A hidden underground rail network operated driverless trains to transport the UK’s mail for more than 70 years – yet hardly anyone knew about it! The secret railway service, known
London Underground Closures 2020

London Underground Closures 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to everyday life. One of the main challenges has been how to keep public transport running safely, while adhering to the social
Technical Developments: The Railway Industry

Technical Developments: The Railway Industry

Technology is everywhere, impacting on all aspects of our life. It’s becoming more common in everyday activities – and our transport systems are no exception. The railway industry has seen