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LH Takes On Frascold Warranty

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Warranty claims on Frascold refrigeration compressors in the UK will now be handled by remanufacturer Wimbledon-based LH-plc. LH will use its state-of-the-art facilities to investigate compressors referred by UK installers under Frascold’s two-year warranty scheme. Before the arrangement, compressors were shipped back to the manufacturer for examination in Italy. Howard Davis, who heads up Frascold in the UK, said: “The failure rate of Frascold compressors is extremely low. However, we felt it was essential to support the brand and our UK customers and, as such, have arrangements in place to deal efficiently with any problems that may arise from time to time.” LH recently invested in a new advanced helium-based leak detection system, which is able to spot the tiniest leaks in compressors and other refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Commenting on the investment, LH managing director Roberto Mallozzi said: “In this age of concern over the environment and ever stricter legislation, it is essential to do everything possible to minimise leaks. The new system is exceptionally sensitive, and we can now spot leaks so small they would be completely missed by conventional systems.”

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