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LH-Plc operates under the umbrella of the Calibre Services Group - a well-established specialist in the field of HVACR engineering, maintenance and service.

Calibre Services Group is revered in the industry for delivering award-winning technology and services and the group companies, including LH-Plc and Klima-Therm Ltd, are proud to be associated with an industry leader in this important sector.


We're experts in Turbomiser chillers - the most energy-efficient product of its kind on the market. Based on the state-of-the-art Turbocor oil-free compressor, turbomiser chillers use virtually frictionless magnetic bearings. This cuts energy costs by up to 50% in comparison with traditional chillers based on reciprocating or screw compressors.

The Turbomiser chiller received the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers' top award in 2010 for Low Carbon Innovation technology, as well as winning a host of other industry awards.

In addition to its highly efficient performance, it enhances comfort levels and also productivity in the workplace, thanks to its innovative design. The Turbomiser is a cost-effective solution, with its oil-free magnetic bearings that significantly reduce maintenance and service costs.


Again, under the Calibre Services Group umbrella, Klima-Therm Ltd supplies a wide range of high-efficiency chillers based on propane, ammonia and HFCs. The range includes the award-winning, ultra-efficient Turbomiser chiller.

Klima-Therm also offers a selection of air handling units from Novair and Saiver, in addition to complementary fan coil units by Eurapo and chilled beams by Cosy.

Tutela Systems

Next Control Systems' Tutela Systems supplies specialist monitoring equipment to highly-controlled environments such as blood banks, both in the UK and the United States, to provide high-quality security, control and energy saving benefits.

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