There is a growing estate of these high efficiency units in the field. The Turbocor-based chiller, in the form of the award-winning Turbomiser and several market variants, has proved to be one of the industry's success stories of the past few years. The high performance technology behind the Turbocor compressor has proved to be exceptionally reliable. However, when units do need servicing it is vital to use trained specialists who know what they are doing, or it can result in serious problems.

Periodic servicing is really crucial...

Although the servicing needs of Turbocor machines are significantly reduced, for the periodic servicing that is required it is crucial to ensure this is carried out to the highest standards by knowledgeable and well trained engineers.

The principles behind the Turbocor compressor are completely different to conventional compression systems. Turbocor is like a high performance car. It can deliver outstanding performance but needs expert back-up at the right intervals to ensure it stays in optimum condition – and continues to perform. The compressor is based on a two-stage centrifugal impeller and spindle, which is levitated in a powered magnetic bearing. A DC inverter powers the motor, and the system is under the control of a highly sophisticated onboard microprocessor.
In the same way that it would be unwise to employ a back-street garage mechanic in the pits for an F1 championship, it is risky and potentially dangerous to let an untrained service engineer loose on a Turbocor. There have been some instances where field engineers or enthusiastic end users have tried to tackle Turbocor servicing themselves. In some cases, this has resulted in serious damage to compressors and put the chiller out of action. The truth is that the principles behind the technology are completely different to conventional compression systems. On a mechanical level, with its single moving part – the shaft and related impellers – the Turbocor is deceptively simple. However, related support systems, particularly the electronics, are highly sophisticated. It is genuinely space-age technology. To handle it safely and effectively requires specialist training. For example, a key requirement is to ensure that electronic components contained within Turbocor are protected from moisture.

Because the electronic systems are critical to Turbocor’s performance, this aspect is part of a regular annual service that needs to be carried out according to a set procedure. Continuing with electronics, Turbocor is equipped with a bank of highpower capacitors, mounted on the side of the compressor case. These are there as back-up, and triggered in the event of mains power failure to provide electrical power to keep the unit operating until it can be brought to a controlled stop.

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