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LH plc is part of the Calibre Services Group, an established specialist with deep experience of HVACR engineering, service and maintenance, controls and related technologies.

Group companies include
• Klima-Therm Ltd
• Next Control Systems
• LH-plc


Klima-Therm Ltd supplies a full range of high efficiency chillers (based on ammonia, propane and HFCs), including the ultra-efficient award winning Turbomiser Chiller, based on the Turbocor compressor.

Klima-Therm also supplies a range of air handling units from Saiver and Novair, as well as complimentary fan coil units from Eurapo, and chilled beams from Cosy.

Next Control Systems

Next Control Systems Ltd supplies advanced energy-saving controls systems to supermarkets, department stores, hotels, restaurants, offices and cold stores. It operates a state-of-the-art 24/7 bureau to monitor and manage alarms on behalf of clients.

Tutela Systems 

Tutela Systems from Next Control Systems supplies advanced monitoring equipment to blood banks and other highly controlled environments, both in the UK and the US, providing a high of security, control and energy saving.

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