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Replacement chillers reduce your energy and running costsĀ 

Installing a modern high efficiency chiller can cut your energy bill, reduce running costs, and deliver a more comfortable and productive working environment for staff. We supply and install a range of high efficiency chillers designed to suit your building requirements and budget.

A smart solution to R22 phase-out

The phase-out of R22 is prompting many clients to review their chillers and cooling plant. In the light of rising energy costs and uncertainty over refrigerant supplies, many are deciding to install new, high efficiency chillers.We have developed a range of chillers specifically designed for replacement applications where there may be some or all of the following restrictions:

  • The footprint of existing equipment cannot be exceeded
  • Plant room / building access is restrictive
  • Services reconfiguration difficult

Fast track, low-cost chillers

We also offer a range of standard low-cost chillers that are extremely versatile in their own right. These are available with a fast-track lead time from order to delivery as short as three working weeks...

Please call us on 020 8971 4186 or email us for more information or to make an enquiry, one of our team will be more than happy to speak with you.

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